Sunday, 9 November 2008

great or lesser?

I saw a woodpecker today in their usual spot - the tall dead trees at the far end of the site. I have heard a very loud knocking made by a woodpecker in the past but had never seen one till today...This was definitely a woodpecker but was pretty small - smaller than the collared doves in the tree. Looking back on the blog, it is a great spotted woodpecker that has been sighted, as far as I can see - but I would have guessed this was a lesser spotted, from its size

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Linda said...

I saw a Woodpecker today from my living room window (153 Riverside Road), resting on the drainpipe of the house opposite (170), one of the houses which backs onto the orchard end of the WWA venturing a little outside it's comfort zone in the site..lovely! I could not identify it specifically as many woodpeckers have black, white and red markings.