Monday, 8 September 2008

WWA Summer Event 2008

A little late to be posting about this, because it was 28th June that the Summer Event was held, but it was a great day and worth reporting. Better late than never.

Pond dipping was a big attraction with kids and adults alike.

I must say I assumed there wasn't much life at all in the water, since I never see anything other than fish. How wrong I was! We found the following in one small spot:

  • Tadpoles - quite big ones, some with legs

  • Small diving beetles - pure black - max 1cm long

  • Water louse

  • Caddisfly larvae - wrapped in debris, with just head and legs poking out of the front

  • Some sort of nymphs

  • Three spined sticklebacks, including pregnant males and very showy red bellied males

  • A baby newt - found the next day during clear up

  • Small shrimps

After all that fun we had a BBQ and the adults played whack a rat with even more vigour than the children.

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